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Tyler Perry's House of Payne is a comedy series about a multigenerational, working class family who experiences all of life's struggles with faith, love and most importantly humor. Pops, the uncle and head of the household, has his life and home turned upside down when an unexpected event forces his nephew, CJ, played by Allen Payne, and CJ's kids to move into the house, putting three generations under one roof.

This chaotic living situation takes its toll on cranky Pops, who is reluctant to have his routine disturbed. In addition to CJ's family, Pops and Ella's son, Calvin, a wise-cracking college kid with no money, hangs out at home which makes it impossible for Pops to have any peace and quiet. It soon becomes evident just how wide the generation gap is, as the family tries to find a way to coexist through all of life's hilarious ups and downs.

Putting the family back in family comedy, Tyler Perry's House of Payne tackles real life issues with very funny humor.

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  • Mary Ft. Washington

    Hi TP, It's been a while since I shared my thoughts with you because you've been doing so well. You picked the ball up and ran with it. I'm very proud of you. What a wonderful man of excellence you have become. In the past you've made very wise choices and they've been sucessful. So, I can't help but think the cancelling of the most successful shows of all must be the beginning of something great! For Better of Worse is a good work, but it is subpar when compared to your past works. You set a standard of excellence for your self and we have risen to that as well. So, please understand that it's hard to lower your standard once you've tasted excellence. Word to the wise: Get those creative juices flowing my friend and call on the devine presence to inspire you, so you can return to the people what they so desparately need. TP check out Paul when you get a chance, he has a word for you. Your know Apostle Paul! Much Love, MJ

  • Margaret Thompson Knoxville,Tn.

    Mr. Perry, I can't believe you let the best black sitcom on tv come to an end. It was one of the funniest, informative, realistic shows we have ever had on tv to represent the average black family. I have seen every movie, play , sitcom, that has your name on it, and I'm very proud of your accomplishments, but please give us back HOP. If you need to take anything off the air, it should be "FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE", I've tried to give it the benefit of the doubt because it's your project, but it is not funny, or realistic, and if you didn't hold up a card to say laugh, the live audience would not be laughing, believe me when I tell you, Black folk are disappointed in this sitcom. You can do wonders, but this is not one of those wonders.I hope you really are reading these comments, because if you are, you'll see a lot of people share my same sentiment.

    • noelle Washington, DC #1754726

      I AGREE with you, I tried to give the show the benefit if the doubt but with Angela always screaming all the time an just doing to much i cant get with the program.

  • Neal Monroe,NJ


  • Johnson NY

    That was the only show my 16 year old son watched together. We love the show and had to watch the last episode a few times so we could believe that it was the last. Our hearts were broken just like Calvin's. Getting that shock that you don't expect, even in the midst of rocky times always believing that it will work out and things will get better then dealing with the shock and finality of something you can't control!

  • maria borrego san antonio tx 78238

    bring the show back love it

  • Sabrina Chavers West Palm Beach, FL

    I am not worried. You haven't dissappointed me before; so I cannot wait until you finish the story line.

  • Mrs. Williams Kansas City, KS

    Tyler, my husband and I love your shows. We have a situation. I am unemployed with no unemployment benefits nor extended benefits, I have been looking and have 4 employers who are interested in me but haven't made any offers. My husband works full-time as a restaurant manager but only makes $40k/year. I have been using a $41K partial disabled/workman's comp settlement to help my husband keep the bills paid on-time. Channel 62 has discontinued showing your House of Payne series and we are waiting until ATT Uverse is available in our area. Until Uverse is available, we would like watch House of Payne online free. We don't have any cable network attached to our television because we are waiting on ATT Uverse so we can have one bill for house phone, internet and cable. Is there any way we can view House of Payne online free of charge? Thank you for listening. PS I have a job interview Tuesday, October 2nd at 3pm with Staples. I am waiting to here from the State of KS, FAA, and Sprint

  • steven Baton Rouge LA

    Where can i go to find every season of House Of Payne

  • Brandon Arbelo Moody

    There was nothing like HOP on TV and I'm so glad it's still in synidcation. How the show ended was horrible and I feel you left us hanging. It's like there should be more to it and then we don't know what happened with the Payne family. I think we would have been better off ending it with the family all moving away and saying goodbye. You don't see church scenes on TV like you did on HOP or how Mrs. Ella expressed her love for Christ. Uncle Curtis was a nut but he loved his family. He was like a more modern day Archie Bunker with how he felt about stuff. He told you what was on his mind but loved you at the same time. I hope that you will one day do a reunion and clear it all up for us. I'll miss HOP...

  • Darica

    To be honest i agree with anyone who believes this was a messed up way to end the show. And to be completely honest i like House Of Payne WAAAAAAAAAYYYY better than For Better Or Worse. I think you need to cancel that and bring House Of Payne back on.

  • Nicole Arizona

    I normally don't take part in blogs, and feed back. I'm deeply sadden that "We" only have less than 2-3 shows that are mostly cast by african Americans that have a positive message behind it that Everyone can relate to. That has topics that we all know about but puts it in away that it's okay your not Alone. We get Mr. Tyler you didnt want it to lose it's fizzle. Let the HOP go off to comedy haven :) Many people look upto you as our Voice to say hey we can make a all black cast show be funny and have a message behind it. We all get tired of not having any choice from Sunday-Thursday. I know you can't do it all by yourself but it nice to know you don't Need anyone get a tv show. But was Nice while it lasted on HOP. God bless you, and the entire cast It would be Great to see a spin off... just putting it out their!!!

  • Kamilla Baltimore, Maryland

    I hope you think about this a little more and bring it back. For Better Or Worse is NOT better than this. I understand that you're trying to focus on that show more, but how can you just end it with Miranda leaving?