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Tyler Perry's House of Payne is a comedy series about a multigenerational, working class family who experiences all of life's struggles with faith, love and most importantly humor. Pops, the uncle and head of the household, has his life and home turned upside down when an unexpected event forces his nephew, CJ, played by Allen Payne, and CJ's kids to move into the house, putting three generations under one roof.

This chaotic living situation takes its toll on cranky Pops, who is reluctant to have his routine disturbed. In addition to CJ's family, Pops and Ella's son, Calvin, a wise-cracking college kid with no money, hangs out at home which makes it impossible for Pops to have any peace and quiet. It soon becomes evident just how wide the generation gap is, as the family tries to find a way to coexist through all of life's hilarious ups and downs.

Putting the family back in family comedy, Tyler Perry's House of Payne tackles real life issues with very funny humor.

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  • Elyia Michigan

    I just want to say that I have been watching house of payne since it started and I am very anxious to see another episode. How can "we" the viewers be left hanging. I want to see what happens between calvin and maranda. The last episode she just walked out on him and i was saying to myself I cannot wait until the next season. Please bring it back!!!!

  • Larry Howard stantonsburg, n.c.

    The house of payne is good show. It in my opinion help people deal with everday stuggles that happen in life. I know that it help me deal alot of times. The show help me to realize the importants of family love and unity also if I may have had a bad day, Curtis Payne who do or say something to give me a laugh and what ever had me in a bad mode or dealing with a situation that had me down, I would know longer have that on my mind. It's a good show I believe it helps alot of people deal. Mr. Perry I know you do thing in you life that is best for you the show is very inspiratoinal. Keep letting the lord use you. Many of the shows,me and mines were going threw some of the same thing. Believe it or not the show help use to get threw. May GOD continue to BLESS YOU.

  • William Fort Worth,tx

    U need to bring it back house of pain it's a house hold name

    • annette DCA #1851894

      I love the House of Payne when is it coming back on ? It hard trying to watch to shows that you like that comes on the same day OWN needs to replay the Have and the Have Nots like they do The Game just in case you miss it the first time or put it on demand. Can't wait to see new episodes of the House of Payne and For Better or WorsT!!!!

  • Rosie Nix Montgomery,Al

    Hello Mr. Perry, to God be the glory for you, if you can please bring back the House of Payne and meet the browns there aren't many show that can talk about God and give him glory at the same time. if it's possible can you bring these show back on OWN .I know they would be a blessing to someone and I pray that one day I will meet you in person. Keep doing what God has called you to do. Thank you for all that you do and for the new shows and movies may God bless you always and always keep your focus on him and keep telling us to never give up on our dreams.

  • Miriam

    I really miss this show, it ended on a thinking note what will happen next. I think a movie should be made out of this show. Its something most people can relate too. Keep doing what you do Mr Tyler Perry

  • James Cross United States

    I have a suggestion. You obviously canceled the show for a reason. Maybe you could make a follow up show to that on OWN. Maybe give it a different name with a new set. Or maybe you could make a play with the story i guess I dont know it just some thoughts. Thanks for your time.

    • Nobody USA #1844839

      No I think he should keep it on TBS because it fits there better than any thing else. Yes I think that he should come up with more shows, don't turn it into a play, Hous Of Payne should start from where it ended from

  • Dejuana Jackson

    Will house of Payne return live the show it will really be missed it something that we can bring our family together

  • nicole williams Saint Louis, mo

    Hey Tyler i just wanted to let you know i love your shows all of them !!! I really wish you would come up with a new season for House of PAyne im going to miss that show the most honestly .. Anywhoo just stopped by to say HEY!! :)

  • Esther Florida

    Tyler perry since day 1 I've seen your show I love it with all my heart it's the only thing I watched please bring it back it would mean the world to your fans it's some kind of comfort that it brings to people's life and if you can't bring it back you should do a spin off

  • Jada Virginia

    This show is absolutely amazing and needs to be picked back up!! one show that always kept my attention. It made me laugh, cry, and taught me some life lessons. Pleaseeee bring this show back!!

  • WW Savannah, Ga

    I'm so glad to see there are people still talking about this show. It's amazing that the show haven't aired in almost a year and people are still bugging you about it. This show is a jewel. I hope fans continue to for it...because you will fold!!...YOU actually respond to the people! :) Keep doing big things and I am loving the Have and the Have Nots, Candace is fierce!

  • Renee Dorsey spartanburg sc

    Please bring the show bk on I love looking at it and I look at all the reruns now

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