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Tyler Perry's House of Payne is a comedy series about a multigenerational, working class family who experiences all of life's struggles with faith, love and most importantly humor. Pops, the uncle and head of the household, has his life and home turned upside down when an unexpected event forces his nephew, CJ, played by Allen Payne, and CJ's kids to move into the house, putting three generations under one roof.

This chaotic living situation takes its toll on cranky Pops, who is reluctant to have his routine disturbed. In addition to CJ's family, Pops and Ella's son, Calvin, a wise-cracking college kid with no money, hangs out at home which makes it impossible for Pops to have any peace and quiet. It soon becomes evident just how wide the generation gap is, as the family tries to find a way to coexist through all of life's hilarious ups and downs.

Putting the family back in family comedy, Tyler Perry's House of Payne tackles real life issues with very funny humor.

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  • Aaron Quantico, va

    Hi Mr.Perry my wife a active duty marine and I just finished watching season 10 and just know this is not end of House of Payne there has got to be a season 11 at least because you can not leave us in suspense like that we have to see how thus plays out. Please do season 11!!!!

  • Gwen Lee Nashville, TN

    I can't get enough of the House of Paynes, they are very inspiration and it changes lives. I have volume 1-10, when will volume 11 be available, because there's some episodes missing?

    • amari hampton Chicago #1809192

      Me. Too it is so good promise to god

  • chiquita chicago,il

    Is there a volume 11 to the house of payne series cause I have ten and some episodes that i want to see are not on the 10 volumes i have and no they are not bootleg not 1 of my Tyler Perry dvds are bootleg...love u T.Perry keep up the fantastic work!

  • Bertina Holmes Pensacola, Florida

    When will session 11 come out. House of Payne really gets Mr through the hard times. You know dealing with life's up and down. The scenarios are so real. there's a message in each one of them that brings me closer to God. By that alone i'm a better woman,a friend, a daughter, sister and a better person period.. God bless you. For you are a blessing. Please don't stop House of Payne. We need it. I need it.. With much love... Bertina

  • dwayne chicago

    what the hell!!! why is this show not coming back. look bring the show back that's all i have say....!!!!!!!i need my house of payne and to end the show like that is just plan wrong.

  • christian youngstown,OH

    I really enjoyed the house of payne!! I wanted the season to end a little differently. I wish Tyler Perry would make another season beacuse he definately left us on the edge!!

  • Kenyara Jacksonville

    When will volume 11 come out?

  • patricia alexander moreno valley, ca

    hi tyler, i have all of your plays ,movies and tv shows. on the house of pain when will you put out to 11th season i cant wait to see it and put it in my collection.........ps the play I KNOW I'VE BEEN CHANGED i cant find at all can you tell me where i can get it from ............have a blessed day

  • Holly Sioux City, IA

    I love the "House of Payne" series- watch it every day when I get up on our local CW channel. I've been lucky, every now and then I catch one I haven't seen. I like this one way better than "Meet the Browns". Maybe because it is just more down to earth with more real life situations. Kudo's to the writers!!!

  • Dee Stone Medford Oregon

    Mr. Perry I enjoy your work and appreciate your talent, however as I watched the House of Payne episode that circled around the wedding and birth of the twins I was surprised to see how the "nurse" at the front desk was portrayed. Being a professional nurse who has worked very hard to obtain a Bachelors Degree in nursing, it upset me to see the "nurse" acting in such a manner. She was rude,offensive and anything but professional. I do understand that it is a comedy and was intended to be funny. Many times the nursing profession is depicted as either lazy, rude, and not willing to help, uneducated, and the typical nurse in the little outfit ready to give a sponge bath. Through the years the requirements placed on nurses has increased in education and job responsibility. We are usually the first one to notify the doctor of any problems, we spend the most time with patients, and many times we hold patients hands while they take their last breath. And then we give comfort to the family. So I have said my peace, and I hope that in the future if you have a character that is a Nursing Professional you will consider my comments. Please give the character something to make us all proud to be nurses. Thank you for all the laughs and tears and joy my family and I have had following your career.

    • gerri Mayo smithfield nc #1809267

      please bring the house of payne back it help me relax from a hard day work miss then if they don't come back

  • Samantha Detroit, MI

    I am watching my house of payne DVD series and when Ms. Wilamena was introduced. She is too funny! "The add ain't say nothin about takin care of no deaf girl. No no she's not deaf. Well she ain't movin"

    • Chris Cincinnati #1933510

      Do u know who played ms wilemna

    • Montrel Texas #1937656

      Crystal Fox

  • Shannon Bound Brook, NJ

    I just wanted to say my daughter Jaslyn and I love House of Payne so much and want it back on the air! Just bought season 10 and the last episodes had me in tears beginning to end...it made me think about what God has really done in my life and how far He has brought me. But u really left us hanging. What happened to Calvin??? Are u going to bring the show back? This show really hits home with real life issues and from season 1 to 10 each episode got better and better and deeper and deeper. And each had a real good message behind it. Would love to see more shows like this....to me House of Payne is reality TV cause it shows what we are dealing with within our families on a day to day basis...especially the families that love our God. Please bring the show back.

    • Burena Wheat Ridge, CO #1804919

      I concur Shannon, I own all ten volume's as well and I also cried like a baby from beginning to end. God truly has be an incredible stable force in my life and I truly thank him for everything is has done and will do in my life. I am also quite eager for volume 11 and I do hope it will be released before 2014 because of how powerful the last episode was. Thank you Tyler and the entire cast of the House of Payne - forever much love!

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